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2 days ago


NSW DPI Fisheries
As a follow up to yesterday's news of our pilot stocking of 1200 juvenile dusky flathead into Lake Macquarie, check out this short video showing the little flatties making themselves right at home settling into their new environment!
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4 days ago


Flattie Stocking Trial A First For NSW!

In a first for NSW, more than 1000 juvenile dusky flathead have been stocked into Lake Macquarie on the Central Coast as part of a research project to enhance populations of this highly popular sportfish.

DPI has been working on breeding technology for duskies over the past year. These sort of pilot-scale releases, where relatively small numbers of fish are released and studied intensively, allow us to test and refine stocking strategies.

This work will hopefully enable large scale stocking of dusky flathead in key estuaries along the NSW coast.

The Port Stephens Fisheries Institute has now successfully reared juvenile dusky flathead, and today released 1200 fish measuring around 15cm in the southern areas of Lake Macquarie, a Recreational Fishing Haven and Trophy Flathead fishery north of Sydney.

A visible fluorescent tag on the underside of their jaws will allow us to identify these as stocked fish.

As part of the research work, we will monitor released fish to see how quickly they adapt to the natural environment, how fast they grow, in which habitats they spend time, and if they behave like wild fish.

A further 30 fish with acoustic tags will also be released around the artificial reef near Galgabba Point in early 2020.

Using an array of acoustic receivers in this area of the lake, we can track fine scale movements made by these fish.

The juvenile flathead released in today’s stocking event should grow rapidly over the summer of 2019/2020 and reach the legal size limit of 36cm by spring/summer of 2020/21.

When first released, the fish were a light colour due to their journey in tanks from the hatchery to the lake. However, they will soon change colour to blend in with their surroundings.

The fish will gradually move away from the release locations across the entire lake, so keep an eye out for a small red or green tag on any flatties you catch in Lake Macquarie over coming months and years.

For more info, or to report the recapture of a tagged fish, please contact

DPI is currently continuing work to breed and stock other key species such as kingfish and mulloway. Stay tuned for more details!

This is your fishing licence at work!
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6 days ago


Andy Coady representing Rhino Lures and Team Skulldrag clocked in third in the Amateur class at YakHunters QLD, Round 4 at Borumba dam this weekend past.
Persistence pays off, with day 1 being a frustrating 3hrs until the first fish came aboard, but as usual the Silent Assassin made up for a lack of numbers by scoring some quality Aussie Bass to secure third place by the end of day 2.Big congrats to the Yakhunters Round 4 winners of the amateur class. Taking out first was Josh Dow, that’s three in the last year. Second was Todd Keehn, well done bloke, glad to see you up there and third was our very own silent assassin and team Skulldrag wingman, Andy Cody.

Fun fact: all amatuer winners of Round 4 used Skulldrag nets to land their catches, Josh with the Reaper, Todd with the Overlord and Andy with the Sidearm. Well done guys!
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1 week ago


Bring it on...Skulldrag, bringing the goods to round three at Borumba. Hey fisho’s if your looking at replacing your tired old net, we will have some stock available at Borumba, shoot us a message if your chasing a net to catch your trophy for round 4. See you there... #skulldragnets #skulldragindustries #yakhuntersqld #yakhuntersaustralia #borumba #catchandrelease #aussiebass #sharppointjigheads #rhinolures #lukeslines ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago


The wait is finally over!

We took our first shipment of the New Orbiter Spin Reel from
Alvey Reels Australia

On the wall, ready to go!
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